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    Over 150 languages
    Lazar specializes in over 150 languages.
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    Largest database of professional linguists
    At Lazar, we maintain a proprietary database of thousands of linguists.
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    Welcomed feedback
    Client feedback is always welcomed! Our team of is always available to assist you.


We were very satisfied with this project and anticipate utilizing Lazar for future simultaneous interpreting projects.  Everything from the initial quote, interpreter recruitment, trouble-shooting concerns with hotels, on-site execution, and billing met our expectations – which is a very high standard!  Thank you all for your assistance and support throughout this project.  You’re time and partnership is greatly appreciated.


About Us

  • Lazar Translating & Interpreting is a full-service agency specializing in over 150 languages. Since 1995, Lazar has provided high quality translation services to over 500 clients worldwide and has earned a reputation as one of the premier translation agencies in the country. Our talented team of professionals has a wide variety of experience assisting both private companies and public entities around the world in a variety of fields.  

    Founded to promote multi-cultural understanding through clear communication, Lazar is in business to help our clients communicate with confidence in this ever changing global environment. At the heart of Lazar is a true love of words, writing, eloquence and communication. Our team is made up of passionate individuals, dedicated to helping our customers bridge the communication gap. Whether you are looking to translate your marketing brochures, create or translate effective outreach materials for diverse communities or venturing abroad for negotiations with an overseas client, Lazar is here to help you!

    A Message From Our President/CEO

    I started Lazar Translating & Interpreting over 20 years ago, with the dream of a world united by a common purpose and bound together by mutual understanding.  At that time, with the world caught up in the Cold War and divided by race and ideology, it felt like one of those far off goals that gets buried in a mission statement and smirked at by “realists”.

    Today, our world seems so tiny and communication between countries and cultures is commonplace. EVERY successful company is or will soon be a global endeavor. People and companies that only do business in their neighborhood or region are becoming a rare and endangered species…and so they should be.

    I’ve spent my life traveling the world and communicating with people that were different than I was. I get excited when I hear a language I’ve never heard before or when I come across a way of life that I couldn’t even begin to fathom when I was a young girl in Depression-Era Pennsylvania.

    I’m so proud of how our company has helped businesses and government agencies reach out and talk to this world that I love so much. Every member of our staff has impressed me from the first interview with their commitment to communicating with the world with confidence. All of them have that spark in their eyes that made me look beyond the familiar to see what else was out there.

    Thank you for choosing Lazar Translating & Interpreting and thanks for making my dream of a united world a reality.

    Elaine Lazar, President/CEO (Retired June 2015)


    Lisa Lazar - Vice President/COO

    Lisa had some very big shoes to fill when she stepped in to run the company her mother started and loved for so many years.  Now the responsibilities of running the company’s day-to-day operations are hers. Lisa ensures that everything runs efficiently and in compliance with all pertinent rules and regulations.  Her dedication to exemplary organization management permit her to monitor current processes and procedures and create strategies to improve them when she sees opportunities to do so. Her job also encompasses the hiring, training and overall supervision of all company employees. She is further charged with identifying, interviewing and approving appropriate and certified translation and interpreting talent.  Lisa has worked extensively in the education community before joining Lazar, most notably with the Las Virgenes Unified School District at Calabasas High School, in Calabasas, CA.  She holds Associate’s Degrees in Child Psychology and Child Development.

    Mel Menendez - Senior Project Manager

    Mel is a multi-talented coordinator who is well versed in dealing with a vast array of clients and synchronizing the intricate details within a project from inception through development.  The projects he has managed over the years vary in scope of complexity from simple translations to multi-layered interpreting assignments requiring planning, coordination and real time trouble-shooting. His ability to identify, coordinate, and direct the appropriate talent, coupled with his quality control processes guarantee successful and timely completions and unconditional customer satisfaction.  Mel is personally committed to ensuring that all projects, regardless of size or scope, are handled with meticulous care and planning.  His proven leadership ability and personable managerial style have allowed Lazar Translating & Interpreting to assemble a loyal stable of interpreting and translation talent as well as a large collection of happy clients.  Mel has a Bachelor’s Degree in Political Science and a minor in Spanish from the University of California at Los Angeles and earned a Master’s degree in Public Management from California State University, Dominguez Hills.

    Frank Gallegos - Contract and Proposal Manager

    Frank manages and writes all bids, proposals and contracts for private and public agencies.  Frank has a Bachelor of Arts in Urban Planning from the University of California at San Diego, with minors in Italian Literature and Economics.  He attended the Istituto di Architettura di Venezia and studied Italian language and literature at the Università di Venezia in Venice, Italy.  His commitment to culture and language are fused with a thorough understanding of research techniques, business development, planning and contract management.  Frank has created and implemented information collection programs, studies and analyses, community outreach efforts as well as large-scale program planning and management services for public and private agencies throughout the United States.  He has worked with the City Architect’s Office of San Diego, MTA, the Los Angeles Community College District, Goldman Sachs, the Union of Concerned Scientists and the United States Department of Commerce. 

    Eugene Groisman - Production Manager

    Gene is a native of Russia, where he began his training in Graphic Design at the Vagner Art College of Ryazan.  In Russia, Gene worked as for the E.C.H.O. Advertising Agency where he designed different type of print and online marketing material, logos and corporate identities, brandings, packaging, video presentations, created Flash animations, website plug-ins, banner ads, etc.  He also designed a several books written by well known political, cultural and religious authors.  After immigrating to the United States, Gene received an additional education in graphic and web design, desktop publishing, animation, video editing and special effects.  In the United States, Gene has worked as a Production Artist for Target Media Partners as well as being the staff Book Designer for Tsehai Publishers and Distributors.  He is well versed in all aspects of layout and formatting and can produce high quality work in almost any language. 

    Rajasi Wadekar - Project Manager

    Rajasi manages and assists in all projects and also serves as support staff for the various departments within the company. She is a fundamental part of the project management process from inception to completion. Prior to joining Lazar, she held positions in the private and public sectors in both the United States and India. Her international background and extensive knowledge of multi-cultural business practices has been an enormous asset in the coordination of our projects and overall communications. Raj holds a Bachelor of Science Degree in Accounting and Finance as well as a Masters’ Degree in Management Studies from the University of Mumbai. In addition, she holds a certification in International Trade and Commerce from the University of California at Los Angeles and is fluent in more than 4 languages.

    Shirley Munoz - Spanish Linguist/Project Manager

    Shirley is the chief in-house Spanish translator and linguist at Lazar Translating & Interpreting. She holds a Bachelor of Arts in Latin American History, with a minor in Spanish Literature. She is a native speaker of Spanish, with a unique bilingual and bicultural perspective.  She was born in Los Angeles, CA and raised in Mexico and the United States. Her unique background as a highly educated native Spanish speaker at the university level is fused with her upbringing in a Hispanic neighborhood in the United States.  Her unique talent is to translate material that is technically accurate without being overwhelming to the lay person.  Her translations go far beyond being basic word-for-word robotic exchanges of data, but rather sound as if they were originally written in Spanish.  As a gifted writer, Shirley creates translated material that flows smoothly and communicates effortlessly with Spanish-speaking communities of all types.  She has lived and studied in the United States, Mexico, Argentina and Spain.  This gives her a truly international perspective on the Spanish language as it is used colloquially and officially in a variety of countries.  She has the ability to adjust her translations to target particular groups as well as synthesize material into a Standard Spanish that avoids regionalisms and resonates with Spanish speakers of all backgrounds. 

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