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Lisa Lazar
President and CEO

Lisa had some very big shoes to fill when she stepped in to run the company her mother started and loved for so many years.  She hit the ground running and pledged herself to continue the inclusive spirit of communication that her mother had championed for decades.  After a long and successful career in the educational field, Lisa brings her experience in organization management, financial planning and human resources to monitor current processes and procedures and create strategies to improve them.  Her ability to manage staff with a personal touch and engage with clients with both professionalism and understanding has allowed her to grow the business tremendously.  Her commitment to improving communication both within the company and also with clients and linguists has helped Lazar Translating & Interpreting to set our sights higher and to strive even harder to love up to our Founding Principle to help the world communicate with confidence! 

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Mel Menendez
Senior Project Manage

Mel is a multi-talented coordinator who is well versed in dealing with a vast array of clients and synchronizing the intricate details within a project from inception through development.  The projects he has managed over the years vary in scope of complexity from simple translations to multi-layered interpreting assignments requiring planning, coordination and real-time trouble-shooting. His ability to identify, coordinate, and direct the appropriate talent, coupled with his quality control processes guarantee successful and timely completions and unconditional customer satisfaction.

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Frank Gallegos
Contract and Proposal Manager

Frank manages and writes all bids, proposals and contracts for private and public agencies.  His commitment to culture and language are fused with a thorough understanding of research techniques, business development, planning and contract management.  Frank has created and implemented information collection programs, studies and analyses, community outreach efforts as well as large-scale program planning and management services for public and private agencies throughout the United States.

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Eugene Groisman
Production Manager

Gene is a native of Russia, where he began his training in Graphic Design.  In Russia, Gene experience includes designing different type of print and online marketing material, logos and corporate identities, brandings, packaging, video presentations, created Flash animations, website plug-ins, banner ads, etc.  After immigrating to the United States, Gene received an additional education in graphic and web design, desktop publishing, animation, video editing and special effects. He is well versed in all aspects of layout and formatting and can produce high quality work in almost any language.

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Rajasi Wadekar
Project Manager

Rajasi is a fundamental part of the project management team and works on projects from inception to completion. She works with both the clients and translators to ensure that the finished products they recieve meet our high quality standards as well as making sure that the client is completely satisfied with our work.  Prior to joining Lazar,, Raj held positions in the private and public sectors in both the US and India. Her international background and extensive knowledge of multi-cultural business practices has been an enormous asset in the coordination of our projects and overall communications. Raj is fluent in more than 4 languages.

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Sara Johnson
Project Manager


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Shirley Munoz
Spanish Linguist

Shirley is a native speaker of Spanish, with a unique bilingual and bicultural perspective.  She was born in Los Angeles, CA and raised in Mexico and the US. Her background as a highly educated native Spanish speaker at the university level is fused with her upbringing in a Hispanic neighborhood in the US. Her unique talent is to translate material that is technically accurate without being overwhelming to the lay person.  Her translations go far beyond being basic word-for-word robotic exchanges of data, but rather sound as if they were originally written in Spanish.  Shirley creates translated material that flows smoothly and communicates effortlessly with Spanish-speaking communities of all types.  She has lived and studied in the United States, Mexico, Argentina and Spain.  This gives her a truly international perspective on the Spanish language as it is used colloquially and officially in a variety of countries.  She has the ability to adjust her translations to target particular groups as well as synthesize material into a Standard Spanish that avoids regionalisms and resonates with Spanish speakers of all backgrounds

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Bryant Johnson
Assistant Project Manager


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