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Lazar works with various types of media, providing finished audio and video content in almost every language imaginable. We regularly assist our clients with multilingual radio spots, public service announcements, commercials, voice-overs, dubbing and more. Lazar guarantees exceptional talent with entertainment industry experience. 

For simultaneous interpreting requests, Lazar offers state-of-the-art interpreting equipment, including isolation booths, audio equipment, infrared FM transmitters/receivers, speakers, cables and other related items. All are available for rental at a very low cost! Lazar also provides trained and experienced on-site technicians to assist you every step of the way.

Need additional on-site assistance? Lazar project management staff can assist you! The Lazar team can be there to help with linguistic management and overall facilitation, ensuring your event, conference, commercial, etc. goes as smoothly as possible. No matter what your project scope entails, Lazar will work with you to establish the best possible method for successful communication with your target audience. 

Our office is based in Los Angeles, the center of the global entertainment community. We regularly work in a variety of media, providing finished audio and video content in almost every language imaginable. We are a full service operation offering script translations, casting, audio recording, sound editing, mixing and final delivery. We regularly work on multi-lingual radio spots, PSA’s, commercials, voice-overs, dubbing, etc.

Voice-Over Recording

We count on a state-of-the-art Pro-Tools based recording studio in the heart of Hollywood, CA. We can provide professionally recorded, mixed and mastered voice over tracks in a variety of languages. We work with pure audio files as well syncing to picture to create high quality foreign language versions of your English audio content.

Video Post Production

We work in AVID and Final Cut Pro to provide full-service video editing capabilities for your multi-lingual video projects. We provide full subtitling translation, creation and spotting capabilities, layback services, translation of on-screen titles, graphics, etc. We work in Standard Definition and High Definition and can provide Master output in Beta SP, DigiBeta, DVD, mini-DV or any other commonly used video format.

Voice-Over Artists

As an international Mecca for actors, Los Angeles has a vast pool of voice-over talent with experience working on television shows, feature films, commercials, radio spots, etc. Lazar only works with experienced talent that regularly works on the many professional opportunities available in Hollywood. Our experience shows that a true voice-over professional will work much more efficiently than a rookie and give the editor the maximum number of usable takes from which to build the final product. We will work with you to find just the right voice for your project

Audio Equipment Rental

We can provide state of the art interpreting equipment including isolation booths, audio equipment, infrared and FM transmitters and receivers, speakers, cables and other related items. We also provide trained and experienced on-site technicians to ensure that the equipment is in perfect working order for the duration of your conference, meeting or event. If individual parts need to be replaced or if additional equipment is required, then our on-site technician will be there to solve problems in real time. Our technicians will arrive well before your event is slated to begin and will work with your organization staff to assemble and disassemble all equipment in the appropriate location. We understand that the installation and maintenance of interpreting equipment is only one small part of your conference or event and we always endeavor to mesh seamlessly with the big picture. Call or email us today and let us know what you’ve got planned. We’ll help you pick the right equipment to make your event a resounding success in any language.


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