Looking to produce content that will effectively reach your target audience? Then localization is the way to go! By adapting the content instead of directly converting it, localization takes translation to the next level. Simply put, no matter what language your materials are in, with localization your messages will be transformed to help you reach your target audience more effectively.

Although translation and localization are similar, the difference between the two is the role of culture. For instance, your content may already serve English-speaking foreign markets but in order to guarantee success in the UK, Australia or the US, it is essential that you adhere to cultural norms. So let’s say your company is marketing braai equipment, when redefined it can mean ‘barbeque’, ‘BBQ’, or ‘outdoor grill’ and in order to effectively reach your target audience, you must adapt your content accordingly.

Lazar’s localization specialists are trained to deal with local terms, cultural sensitivities, language standards, social realities, and more. All of which are unique about the market you are targeting. Our localization specialists will always take into account, campaign slogans, product names, and other content used to convey messages that cannot be directly translated.

Lazar regularly provides localization services for the following:

     Marketing materials
     Social media campaigns
      and more!

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