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Spelling mistakes, poor grammar, or inconsistency in style can be very costly in many respects, which is why an error free translation is crucial to your company’s reputation. At Lazar, we understand the importance of having your documents properly proofread and edited. All projects go through a complete and thorough post-translation assessment by both our linguists and project management staff members to ensure the best quality possible.

What is Proofreading vs. Editing?


Proofreading deals with the grammar and spelling of a document. Careful revisions of any content is all part of the quality control process at Lazar. Our proofreading services include an in-depth analysis of your text, structure, consistency, tone, and style. The proofreading process also looks for translation errors, misused terminology and missed translations, along with examining the document for spelling, grammar, punctuation and capitalization errors.


Text editing requires a deeper exploration of materials by offering alternative phrasing but at the same time providing consistency in style throughout the text. Editing services are often requested for newly translated content or for content where translations have been less than satisfactory. When it comes to editing a previously translated document, the Lazar team carefully reviews all materials and will resolve any issues within the text.

Lazar's per word pricing includes proofreading and editing along with a fully translated document.  Proofreading and editing by an independent expert or extended project management services are also available for an additional fee upon request.


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